Our Mission For Youth

      Peer Pressure, temptation, and an acceptance of sin by the world is the great assault on our youth in church these days. It seems as though we do our best to raise up our children to be moral, decent parts of society the devil keeps snatching them away from us. They get to their teen years and seem to drift away from the idea of the family unit, and the Bible teachings we have tried to instill in them. Here at HBT we take notice, and do want to pay attention to them. The teens are on the verge of leading the society on the course of the future.


        We have a strong emphasis on our youth to have their own, personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. They are encouraged to take initiative and fulfill their own responsibilities that God has laid out in the Bible as they mature into adults. Our youth need to have and understanding that they cannot ride the coattails of the parent forever.We want to see these young adults first and foremost come to the saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. Then they are shown from the Bible the what and why of the things we all are having to battle in society. We do this through the Teen Sunday School class on Sunday Morning at 10:00am. As well our teen youth are encouraged to listen and apply the Biblical principals they hear during the preaching services. Our adults are actively interested and available to be involved with our youth. We try to create opportunities to incorporate them into the services, classes, church work, etc. Whatever we can do to help them as they transition from child to adult.


        We also have lots of fun things for them to do! The last Friday of every month we have Youth Night. From 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm we eat, and eat more, and play games and then have a young-person geared message from the Lord. We have trips throughout the year with our youth to bond relationships with them in fellowship. Our most exciting and anticipated event though is Summer Camp! Our adults work and give to make the cost for our youth as minimal as possible so they can go to camp, a week long time in the mountains for fun, fellowship, and preaching. 


       We hope you will come out and see what God has to offer young folks, He has not forgotten any of them, and also has a deep interest in them!