Ministry is what Jesus Christ called us, as His disciples, to do. It is when we actively take part in touching peoples lives with what the Lord has done for us. Highland Baptist Temple has a goal, with Highland, and the world, to fulfill it's potential for ministry. Many folks have gotten the wrong impression of what "church" is all about. The idea that a church is there to pay the communitys' bills and buy their groceries is demeaning, and is not what the Lord intended when he instituted the church ministry. At Highland Baptist Temple our first and foremost ministry is to reach souls with the gospel of Jesus Christ, that they may have the opportunity to make the informed decision for their eternity. We do this through evangelism of the good news that a Saviour has died for our sins and risen again, making available to us true life found only in God; as well as our support of missionaries around the world. We want to take the opportunities God gives us to reach out to people for His Glory. Sunday morning consists of our morning Bible study classes for Adults in the sanctuary at 10am, followed by the preaching service that includes singing from an hymnal Bible based spiritual songs which begin at 11am. Sunday evening starts at 6pm with more of the bleoved traditional hymns, then our service gets a little deeper into God's Word; partaking of a little more "meat" found therein. Our Wednesday night Bible Studies are a spiritual ministry, with people being touched by the hand of God in their lives through learning and growing in the Authorized version of the Bible, the Word of God, the scriptures, His inspired expression of Himself, His will, and His plan for mankind. Our ministry is to be the light set upon the hill, guided by the Holy Spirit, bringing attention to the Lord Jesus Christ, and expanding the family of God.

Running concurrently at our service times, we have available a nursery for those infants and toddlers just beginning their start on a good path with families who desire to find, and fulfill God's plan for their lives. Our Childrens ministry from 10am to noon for ages 4 - 12 on Sunday mornings has Bible stories and lessons, crafts, games, and other things suited for their age to help them get to know the wonderful Creator of our universe, and how they can have a life centered around His Word and Saviour Jesus Christ.

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