*Subject to Change (Holidays)*

Sunday Services

Service Times  

Sunday School10:00 A.M.
Morning Service11:00 A.M.
Evening Service  6:00 A.M.

Wednesday Services

Service Times   

Evening Prayer Meeting  6:00 P.M
Evening Service  7:00 P.M.

 Thursday Schedule


Evening Soul-winning!  6:00 P.M

Main Calendar

 *Subject to Change*  


28Youth Night (All Ages)6:00 P.M. (Church)
29Mens Fellowship Breakfast8:30 A.M. (Church)
30Freedom Night Service5:00 P.M. (Church)


4independence DayAll Day
12Ladies Fellowship *Bring A Dish*
6:30 P.M. (Church)
14Quarterly Business Meeting6:00 P.M. (Church)
29Youth Night (All Ages)6:00 P.M. (Church)
30Men's Fellowship Breakfast8:30 P.M. (Church)


16Ladies Fellowship *Bring A Dish*6:30 P.M. (Church)
30Youth Night (All Ages)6:00 P.M. (Church)
31Men's Fellowship Breakfast8:30 A.M. (Church)


2Labor Day All Day
13Ladies Fellowship *Bring A Dish*6:30 P.M. (Church)
27Youth Night (All Ages)6:00 P.M. (Church)
28Men's Fellowship Breakfast 8:30 P.M. (Church)


18Ladies Fellowship *Bring A Dish*6:30 P.M. (Church)
25Youth Night (All Ages)6:00 P.M. (Church)
25Men's Fellowship Breakfast 8:30 A.M. (Church)


3Daylight Savings Time Ends (Fall Back 1 Hr at Midnight)12:00 A.M.
?Family ConferenceTo Be Announced
11Veteran's Day (Tell A Vet your Appreciation)All Day
24Church Thanksgiving *Bring A Dish/Side/Dessert*5:00 P.M (Church)
28Thanksgiving DayAll Day


14 Worker's Appreciation Dinner *Invitation Only*5:00 P.M. (Church)
25Christmas DayAll Day
31New Years Eve Service8:00 P.M. (Church)